Camp Nano has begun!

I am four days in and nowhere near my word count target, but it’s early, and I won’t give up. I’m sure every Nano competitor can relate to this. Life gets in the way, and there you have it.

This past November I entered my first NaNoWriMo, and I won! I enjoyed myself so much that when I heard about Camp Nano, I couldn’t pass it up. One of my favourite things about Nano is the community of writers that come together to help one another to buckle down to get words out really. We’re all busy and bogged down with life that sometimes it’s hard to get anything onto the page. Somehow, though, when you have an army behind you, and a support system around you, you can unleash a geyser of words. I was fortunate to have found an incredible group of people, and though I haven’t met them in person, I have come to call good friends. They have made me a stronger, better writer and they continuously challenge me to push harder, to be just a little better than my best. I wouldn’t have come nearly as far as I have without them and their cheering and tough love.

One of the things I found alarming when I started writing, is that it’s a lonely life. I have a supportive husband and friends who cheer me on, and their support is invaluable. But only another writer could ever truly understand the struggles and demons that stir inside my mind when I try to realize an idea, to pull it from the depths of my imagination and transform it into something enjoyable, emotional and vivid.

My hope for every writer is that they don’t walk this path alone.  Find your own army to have your back, to push you forward, to pull you up when you stumble, and to cheer you on in those dark moments of self-doubt we’ve all struggled with.

Good luck with Nano!


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