Sometimes we just need a moment…

20506998_10155380180435977_7907479280619031450_oThere is nothing like a vacation from your life to recharge and regroup. I booked a couple weeks off from work and took my family to Mount Desert Island, Maine for some much needed rest and relaxation. We climbed mountains, stalked wildlife and scaled the cliffs along the northern Atlantic. Now my head is clear and I’m ready to write again!

We made a slight detour into Bangor and visited the home of Stephen King, one of my favourite authors. It was an experience I can’t put into words. We didn’t see him, but being in such close proximity to the place where some of the greatest stories were created was an immeasurable experience that I will never forget.

For some time, I had been battling some of the same struggles most writers encounter.  Real life interfered with fantasy and it stifled my ability to translate my thoughts and ideas into a story I could be proud to share.  But my time away put many things into perspective.  I learned that the noise doesn’t control me.  I control the noise and how it affects me.

During my time off, I have made some great strides with Selene, my newest and probably my favourite protagonist.  She is everything I wish I could be.  She says what I wish I could say.  She does what I wish I could do.  She is mighty, proud, stubborn as hell (okay, that is something I already possess) and I’ve enjoyed creating her world and her journey and I look forward to sharing her story.

This vacation was more of a fork in the road, a break in my own journey of discovery and a solidification of commitment to the life I want to live.  I realized I can be whoever I want and have whatever I want, but I have to fight to take it.  I am the only one who can affect change in my life and the path it follows.  I plan to lead it to a place where I can be proud of who I am and what I have accomplished.

Onward and upward.