I have been writing my whole life.  Haha, don’t we all say that?  When I was nine, I wrote stories about the adventures of a flying eyeball and his friends.  As I got older, cheesy poetry soothed my teen angst.  Then as an adult, I got the idea for a fantasy/adventure story I have come to call Moonstone.  Recently, I also started writing short stories.  I’m not a published writer, but this will be the year I take the necessary steps to put myself out there.

I was born in Prague but lived in Austria for the first few years of my life.  In the early eighties, my family moved to Canada, which has been my home ever since.  I love it here and I don’t think I’ll ever leave.  I am married to a wonderful, supportive, encouraging husband.  He understands why I have to do this and how much of my spare time it takes up.  My daughter (the bookworm) gets it too.  She is more concerned with being able to read something I’ve written, so I may need to write something for a younger audience, just for her.  I have a few ideas.  That’s my struggle.  I have so many ideas to sort through and not nearly enough time.  I have a full time job in retail that does keep me pretty busy and my mind occupied.  Maybe one day, I’ll be granted the luxury to focus on writing full time.

In the meantime, I am in the stages of revising my first novel.  The inspiration from Moonstone came from staring at a photo of Lake Louise on my desktop, in a moment of writer’s block.  A whole world took place inside that photo.  I started writing and haven’t stopped since.  I don’t think I’ll ever stop.