Quote Of The Day


My husband is a big fan of Doctor Who, or a Whovian if you will.  This is a quote he was close to tattooing on his arm at one point.  Though I don’t watch the show myself, nor did I think this would make a great addition to his ink collection, I find meaning in the words.  

So many people walk through life without purpose, without goals, with no desire to do anything more than just exist.  But when they come to the end of their lives, what will they have to say about themselves?  They went to work and slept and ate?  What will people remember about them?  

Me?  I’d love to leave my mark.  I want to imprint myself on this complicated planet of ours and in the lives of those who cross my path.  This might be in how I raise my child.  Perhaps it’s in the way I grow and strengthen my marriage.  Could be in the bonds of friendship I forge.  Maybe the stories I tell will be part of someone’s dusty book collection one day in the distant future.  Either way, I plan on making my story a great one!