27393593_10155874348715977_436386709_oVulnerability is a scary thing. It’s our place of weakness, our soft spot from where we may crumble if things don’t work out in our favour. It’s not often we realize that vulnerability is a good thing. It keeps us grounded and reminds us that we have something to lose. Our achievements, our triumphs are not worth much if they didn’t come with some struggle, the risk of not getting what we wanted, what we set out to accomplish. It’s the struggles and fear of failure that make those wins feel that much more victorious.

We hear it all the time.  “What doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger.”

What if this is true?

As writers, we are all vulnerable to judgements, bad reviews, criticism, a lack of support, a lack of faith from those around us. We will likely encounter all of these monsters and more along the way. It’s the nature of the beast when we decide to put pen to paper and share our thoughts and words with the world.

Everything comes with risk, and nothing worth having is ever easy.  This is true with anything in life.  Yes, it’s scary.  It’s downright terrifying to step to the edge, to close our eyes and leap into the unknown. It is entirely possible that we may fall into an abyss of failure.

But what if we don’t?

What if we take that leap and instead of falling, we fly and soar into a universe where our dreams become a reality? What if all the hard work, the sacrifices and frustrations we deal with on a daily basis lead to success? It is possible. It might even be probable. But without that leap of faith in ourselves, we will never know. We will never achieve anything except regret and a lifetime of what-ifs.

So take your vulnerability, hold onto it and keep it close, but do not let it stop you from trying. Let your vulnerability be your partner along this journey.  It will only make you stronger. Because when you hold your book in your hands and see your words in print or someone tells you your story left an impact on them, or you can finally put the title of ‘author’ next to your name, you’ll feel like a champion. Not only because you wrote something that will forever live out there in the vast world, but because despite feeling vulnerable, despite being afraid, you tried. You stepped out onto that ledge, jumped into the unknown and you survived. You can do this!